Iran invites foreign carmakers to return to the Iranian market

Mohammadreza Nemat Zadeh, Minister of Industry, Mines and Commerce of Iran in his recent meeting with carmakers announced that there will be soon an invitation for them to return to the Iranian market. The invitation to the foreign carmakers for their presence in the Iranian market will be presented during the first international conference on Automotive industry, which is going to be held on November 30th at the International Conference Hall of the Milad Tower in Tehran. Sasan Gorbani, member of the board of the manufacturers of spare parts, stating that the invitation to participate in the international conference was sent to all companies in the automotive industry reiterated: “This conference is organized by the association of car manufacturers, Associations of manufacturers of spare parts and after-sales service Association and is supported by the Iranian companies Khodro and Saipa.” Gorbani added that on the first day of this conference, they will explain the economic policies in the field of cars and spare parts according to the authorities of the presidential institution, the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Economy. On the second day there will be a visit to the car companies to show the skills of the Iranian manufacturers. According to Gorbani, this conference will be attended by international companies and manufacturers of spare parts, engineering and design companies, representatives from embassies and chambers of commerce. Gorbani said that every country manufacturing cars was invited to the conference. He also added that among the guests there are also the U.S. companies without any limit. He said: “The invitation was sent to more than 100 carmakers and 30 spare parts producers.” Gorbani, referring to the approach of the Minister of Industry to the car industry, said: “The Industry Minister thinks that in the field of technology and skills we should not be under the international standards.”