In order to ensure the excellent quality of its products, our company selects its collaborators very carefully by assessing their academic training, experience and specializations.

Specialized mother tongue translators
PIGRES LSP applies very strict criteria in the selection of its translators and refers only to the mother tongue translators specialized in the sector to which the text to be translated belongs.
Our professional translators translate exclusively into their mother tongue, apart from the case of some rare languages.
To make the translation work even more efficient, the PIGRES LSP collaborators use the most common CAT Tools on the market in case of big projects. Our translators fulfil their professional duties with diligence and they comply with the procedures, working terms and other conditions agreed upon.
PIGRES LSP delivers its translations quickly and on time.
We are able to provide urgent translations too, if required; in this case, we’ll apply an extra price previously agreed with the client.
Double check
Each work is assigned to a Project Manager who is responsible for the timing and the relationship with the translator and the customer.
All the translated works, before the final delivery to the customer, are checked a second time as for spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.
Review by a second or a third translator
In some sensitive sectors such as legal documents, financial statements, contracts, etc. an additional quality control of translated texts is appropriate. PIGRES LSP, based on the specific request of the customer, also offers the revision of the translated text by a second or even a third specialist translator.
The texts and documents to be translated and the personal data of our customers will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, consistent with the electronic form of services. The material provided by the customer to PIGRES LSP for translation, typesetting or other interventions won’t be shown or disclosed to any third party without the written consent of the customer, except to authorized employees or suppliers who will work on those documents.