About us

PIGRES LSP is a Translation Agency that offers translation services for all languages.

PIGRES LSP comes from the long experience of our translation agency specialized in Persian language, with the intent to provide high quality translation services to our current customers who require translation services to other Eastern languages too.

The usage of new communication technologies and computer science is the strength of PIGRES LSP and for this reason we are able to offer our customers a fast and customized service.

Thanks to a strategy based on the distribution of its freelance professionals throughout the world, on new technologies of communication and especially on a solid programme of organization and coordination among its contributors, PIGRES LSP can reduce the cost of its services and offer very competitive prices.

In the translation sector, quality is always determined by the skill and experience of the translators. Aware of this important factor, we carefully select our translators, and we make sure they have got the right academic qualifications and experience to ensure an excellent translation quality.

Thanks to a large database of freelance translators, PIGRES LSP answers quickly to any type of customer demand, from translations of very big projects to different languages translations (such as technical manuals) or the layout of multilingual brochures.

PIGRES LSP also ensures the utmost care as for terms research, text consistency and style quality.